48 Hours After Equipment Is Used To Save Flooding Victims, ‘Police Reform’ Eliminates It

The Upper Darby (PA) Police Department is the latest department to go woke at a level that could likely place residents in danger.

Just a few weeks ago, the city signed a national initiative led by the Obama Foundation to encourage mayors and local governments to review policing practices.


The My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Pledge calls  for the review of use of force policies by seeking community input from a “diverse range of input, experiences, and stories in your review.”

Those findings, according to the pledge, should be reported to the community with feedback from the community so that the use of force policies become “the communities.”

We aren’t sure who was asked in that community but the first change was the elimination of the multi-purpose vehicle that the department has used to help save the lives of citizens.

Clearly, the use of these vehicles has been politicized and it’s an easy target from those that know little about why department’s need them.

Less than 48 hours after this valuable, multi-purpose vehicle was utilized in rescues during the tropical storm flooding, the administration in Upper Darby felt it necessary to remove this asset by flatbed. It will never be used by UDPD again. pic.twitter.com/Haj29dZjmR

— FOPLodge27 (@FopLodge27) August 6, 2020

In the case of the Upper Darby Police Department, it was used just two days ago to save citizens from tropical storm flooding.

Oh we see.

That’s why it’s racist.

This important piece of equipment is used to save people’s lives.

And not just from dangerous flood waters. It enables officers to have protection from active shooters and in some cases, officers have been able to use the vehicles for protection in an effort to de-escalate violent criminals.

After all, why would “the community” need a piece of equipment that has the ability to save lives?

We get it.

It’s scary and the social justice warriors without a life question “why the police need tanks.”

Let us help you with that.

The police don’t need tanks because they aren’t the Army but unless you are an idiot, there are situations where a vehicle, that is bulletproof, with a high center of gravity can help.

After all, good luck driving that Ford Explorer through high water or towards someone firing a weapon.

And in the case of Upper Darby, they may need a lot of luck after buying off on this ridiculous rhetoric.

“Go Woke….Risk Lives.”

Photo Courtesy: @Twitter/FOPLodge27

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