Chicago mayor uses privilege to exempt herself from BLM wrath

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock is on a crusade to educate professional athletes on the real agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement. In his Friday piece, he writes:

Today’s lesson is a story from Chicago featuring mayor Lori Lightfoot. The Chicago Tribune reported that Lightfoot, a supporter of BLM, ordered local police to prevent protestors from demonstrating in her neighborhood. On Thursday Lightfoot defended her ban.

“I think that residents of this city,” Lightfoot told local reporters, “understand the nature of the threats that we are receiving on a daily basis, … understand I have a right to make sure that my home is secure.”

The Tribune wrote: “Lightfoot refused to elaborate on the specific threats, but said she receives them daily against herself, her wife and her home.”

Equality? That’s the word scrolled on the back of a lot of NBA jerseys. The BLM movement allegedly is about bringing equality to the masses. Does Lori Lightfoot sound equal to the citizens of Chicago? Or has she reserved a special level of treatment for herself and her family?

Are there families in Chicago that don’t deserve protection from the violent, peaceful protestors, looters and vandals circulating Chicago?

Black Lives Matter is a clever slogan. On the surface — as long as you don’t read the BLM website — the agenda of BLM is admirable. BLM is allegedly dedicated to ending systemic racism and making everyone equal. It’s a force as powerful as God.

The reality is BLM imposes inequality and creates racial division. Movements founded in Marxism, socialism and communism always empower a handful of elites and feed the masses hope packaged in slogans.

What we’re seeing in the NBA is the true agenda of BLM. Elite millionaire athletes running up and down basketball courts promoting hope with slogans on their jerseys.


Meanwhile, Lori Lightfoot, LeBron James and the others in their circle of political influence will use their power, privilege and wealth to keep BLM out of their neighborhoods.

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Lightfoot isn’t alone. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (D) seemed to approve of BLM protests when they occurred downtown, but when they showed up in front of his home he suddenly became intolerant, Law Officer reported.

On Wednesday, after protesters had stayed overnight outside his home, harassing residents and blowing sirens, Peduto condemned them.

The Democrat mayor of Oakland, California recently learned the hard way how vile Black Lives Matter protesters can get when the organization vandalized her home, Law Officer reported.

Afterward, Mayor Libby Schaaf was singing a different tune about BLM, as she accused the protesters of terrorism.

Do you see a trend?

Law Officer might have more sympathy for the mayors if they took a stance against the lawlessness BEFORE it arrived in their respective neighborhoods. … But they didn’t, so we don’t.


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