CHP latest police agency to go woke; orders removal of ‘Thin Blue Line’ items

CALIFORNIA — On August 14, the California Highway Patrol issued a roll call briefing document saying that officers were barred from displaying Thin Blue Line items.

“All ‘Thin Blue Line’ paraphernalia, including anything resembling it, shall be removed immediately. This includes any paraphernalia hung anywhere in the office, stickers/patches on State or personal property that may be seen by the public during the course of duties, and email signature blocks,” the memo stated.

“A California police officer who reviewed the document said it amounted to an official order because of the use of the word ‘shall,’ Press California reported. The officer stated, “It’s all political so I understand why they sent it out.”


Fran Clader, CHP’s Director of Communications in Sacramento, stated, “The item … 

Warrior Mentality

This statement doesn’t clarify anything. “A generic reminder to personnel to refrain from promoting any social cause on state property or equipment visible to the public,” seems to prohibit Thin Blue Line items. Moreover, they say the advisement does not “pertain to personally owned items,” inferring that Thin Blue Line material is indeed prohibited on department equipment.

A CHP representative in the field told Press California that the memo was issued by the commissioner’s office in CHP headquarters, adding, “CHP wants to stay neutral and not appear to endorse any particular group.”

   However, “p

Nevertheless, woke police leadership continues to get bullied by the bullies.

Several police agencies have recently banned Thin Blue Line items. Yet none is more prevalent than San Francisco Police Department. Their chief banned officers from wearing Thin Blue Line masks during the COVID crisis while the police commission, in mid-July, voted to hang Black Lives Matter posters in police precincts, Law Officer reported.

After the San Francisco POA wrote a letter disagreeing with the move, one of the commissioners called their objection “absolute horseshit.”


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