Cowardly Leaders Have Created Chaos In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

WARNING: The story of Officer Joseph Mensah will likely scare every law enforcement professional, and every other American for that matter.

The failed political leadership that has engulfed Officer Mensah is nothing less than a travesty and tragedy. It reads like a playbook about how failed leadership fails our communities. And it’s playing out right now in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

White Council Members Pass Resolution To Suspect Black Officer For Previously Justified Use of Force

Mensah, a decorated Medal of Valor recipient, faced three life-and-death encounters in his eight years of law enforcement. Each time, he prevailed against armed individuals: one had a sword; another had a gun; and another had a stolen gun and fired it.

But those are inconvenient facts that should hardly matter. Besides, facts seem to be the very things that Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride and other city officials apparently want everyone to ignore.

The 2020 Wauwatosa Law Enforcement Slander-Fest!

Unfortunately, however, the weak political leadership can hardly be ignored. Especially when it was put on full display during the special council meeting on July 21, 2020. Even though two of the three deadly encounters that Officer Mensah had to face have already been investigated years ago—and the investigation of another has yet to be completed—Mayor McBride permitted countless agitators to bash Officer Joseph Mensah for hours. Officer Mensah grew up in the community he has proudly served for five years. Yet most of those who spoke against him were not from Wauwatosa.

The July 21st Special Meeting.

Cowardly city officials allowed people to insult, berate, and even threaten Mensah—who ironically, is one of the few black officers on the department—all for the sake of so-called social justice.

About the only positive thing we could say is that defamation lawyers looking for easy work would do well to watch the video. People were asked to identify themselves by name and address, just for the record.


You can watch the video here, if you can stomach it. And we dare not speculate why a (white) mayor and (white) city leaders would permitted such a quorum to lash out at a (black) officer for doing the job he was sworn to do in a predominately white community.

Unfortunately, the slander-fest appears to have emboldened protesters, who recently protested outside Officer Mensah’s home, carrying signs across his lawn, and frightening small children inside who were terrified wondering “why are people so angry?”


Over 100 protesters with 30 cars honked their horns and screamed obscenities towards the home. They mocked and taunted Joseph—while children were having a small party that ended in fear, as they were taken away from the residence in police cars.

Protesters Arriving At Officer Mensah’s Home

This is a consequence of failed leadership. And it has made a mockery out of justice.

Social Justice Wauwatosa Style?

Based upon the timeline that information was released, it seems many political leaders, city officials, celebrities, and many others simply assumed that Officer Mensah is white. And instead of checking their prejudice and apologizing, it appears they have chosen to hide in the fog of some kind of backwards, upside-down, convoluted race-based “social justice” that we’re still trying to figure out.

Even worse, instead of explaining the obvious reasons why Officer Mensah defended himself, cowardly leaders seem to have let mob mentality take over. And it doesn’t seem to hold much promise for a bright future in Wauwatosa.

Ironically, the chief of police supports Officer Mensah. But the mayor, clearly exasperated and far outside due process, appears to support a more mob-friendly solution, as he explained to Fox 6 News:

“We just think it would be better if we can find a way for him to transition out of his employment…….We have a situation that’s difficult. It would be best for all of us if we could find a way to, as one person said last night, to find him a new home.” 

Law Officers: Be Wary of Wauwatosa

Leadership isn’t easy. And most of the time, easy answers aren’t the best answers when it comes to leadership, as any true leader understands. So here’s a pro tip: appeasing crazy ideas often leads to crazy demands. And giving in to crazy demands often leads to crazy situations. Welcome to Wauwatosa!

As a word of caution, we cannot endorse the obvious failings of political leadership in Wauwatosa. And if anyone wants some career advice: look elsewhere if you want a long and prosperous career.

If white political leaders are all too eager to suspend a black officer for the sake of “social justice,” clearly courageous leadership is nowhere to be found. And when a white city official is the first to demand that a black officer be fired as part of acknowledging the racist history of Wauwatosa and “building a community that is inclusive for all,” one can only wonder what kind of crazy, cowardly leadership has taken over.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t bode well for Wauwatosa.


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