Dallas police headquarters, officers association building tagged with red handprints and graffiti

Dallas Police Department as well as a building that houses the Dallas Police Association were targeted for vandalism with hate slogans and red handprints.

Investigators said it happened around 8:30 p.m. Thursday at the building on Lamar Street near Downtown Dallas.

Someone left dozens of red handprints on windows, columns and other exterior surfaces. There were also anti-police slogans written in chalk on the concrete leading up to the building, KDRW reported.

One message written on the sidewalk leading up to the building read, “H8 KKKOPS.”

The damage was pretty extensive but almost all of it has been cleaned up already.

Shortly before the handprints were discovered, there was a group of about 30 people gathered outside DPD headquarters. Police don’t know why they were there.

Also, about a half a mile away, the Dallas Police Association building was defaced with similar red handprints and other markings.

Law enforcement officers questioned two women after their headquarters was tagged with the graffiti, but there was no further word on the outcome, although they have not yet been charged, according to KDFW.

Police haven’t yet talked about the connection between the two incidents.

They said the investigation is active and ongoing.

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