Legal Defense Plan

The Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan, Inc. was created by the National FOP. This self-funded plan is available to eligible FOP groups and individual members to cover law enforcement exposures, including:

    • Administrative, civil and criminal legal coverage: The Legal Defense Plan pays for legal defense of certain administrative, civil and criminal proceedings against plan participants. Legal defense coverage has become a necessity as the frequency and costs of allegations against peace officers continue to rise.
    • H.R. 218 coverage: Legal defense coverage is provided to FOP active and retired officers for civil or criminal claims associated with H.R. 218. The annual coverage limit is $25,000 at a cost of $50 per participant. If you are currently a FOP Legal Defense Plan participant, coverage for H.R. 218 is automatically included.
    • Moonlighting Liability Insurance Program: This coverage protects individual peace officers who perform extra-duty jobs. In addition to protecting the officer, coverage is extended to the nongovernmental entity that has contracted the officer’s services. By offering protection to the extra-duty employer, you have a distinct marketing advantage over other programs, which may not extend coverage to the hiring entity. Any peace officer who provides law enforcement services for nongovernmental entities needs this coverage. Coverage is subject to approval from your primary governmental employer.


Online Indiana State FOP Legal Defense Payment Portal

If you are with the Anderson Police Department or Madison County Sheriff's Department and want direct debit from your payroll fill out the forms below and submit.

If you are an associate member/reserve please use the form below prior to applying by CC on-line. Thank you. ***If a reserve or associate member and enrolling for the first time please use this form prior to applying with payment on-line, or you can apply by sending in the enrollment form with payment "again this is for 1st time enrollees that are associate/reserve members".