‘Transexual Satanist anarchist’ mocks system by winning GOP nomination for sheriff in New Hampshire

CHESHIRE COUNTY, N.H. — A self-described “transexual Satanist anarchist” has won the Republican nomination for the sheriff’s job in Cheshire County, N.H. — a victory the candidate says proves “the system is utterly and hopelessly broken.”

Aria DiMezzo, who ran with the campaign slogan “F*** the Police” and fully expected to lose to a write-in candidate, won the nomination for Cheshire County sheriff on Tuesday. The victory was first reported by Inside Sources.

In a Friday blog post, DiMezzo declares opposition to a system that allowed thousands of people to walk into a voting booth and vote “despite knowing absolutely nothing about the person they were nominating to the most powerful law enforcement position in the county.”

“I’m running for sheriff because I oppose that very system, and the sheriff has the most hands-on ability in Cheshire County to oppose that system,” DiMezzo said. “The system that let you down by allowing me — the freaking transsexual Satanist anarchist — be your sheriff candidate is the same system I’m attacking. I’m sorry, and I know it hurts to hear, but that system is a lie.

“The entire thing is a lie. It’s broken from beginning to end, and my existence as your sheriff candidate is merely how this reality was thrown into your face,” the mocking candidate said.

Inside Sources reported that DiMezzo will not campaign against popular incumbent Democrat Eli Rivera, who is seeking a fifth term.

Marilyn Huston, the chair of the Cheshire County GOP, congratulated DiMezzo for the victory and said, “He did very well with the primary and that was wonderful.” Huston continued to refer to DiMezzo as “he” even though the candidate claims to identify as a female. 

“Aria really came into the Republican party because he was unable to get onto a Libertarian ballot,” Huston said.

Moreover, Huston said DiMezzo only ran as a Republican because of problems getting Libertarian candidates on the ballot. Huston said DiMezzo never showed up to the GOP meetings and candidate events, even though an invitation was distributed.

According to Inside Sources, DiMezzo comes from a group of libertarian activists that has produced candidates before. DiMezzo hosts an Internet radio show and is referred to as a “She-Male.”

DiMezzo said in a blog post that the victory in the primary was an argument for anarchism because of how “clueless the average voter is.”  The candidate garnered 4,211 votes, easily beating a traditional candidate who received only a few hundred votes, election results show, FOX News reported.

“Sweet Satan, how can you not be an anarchist?!” DeMezzo wrote. “Between 75 and 80 percent of the primary voters — the ones alleged to be more politically aware than the average voter — were completely and totally ignorant of who they were voting for! What is the percentage with the average voter? 90 percent? 95 percent? These people are deciding who gets to rule you,” said the transexual, before calling on Cheshire County to secede from both New Hampshire and the U.S.

DiMezzo signed up to run as a Republican two days before the deadline after discovering that long-time Republican candidate Earl Nelson was not running.

There was an effort in Rindge to write Nelson in as a candidate after concerns were raised on social media about DiMezzo’s gender, religious beliefs, and politics. Nelson got more than 200 write-in votes in Rindge on Tuesday night.

“People of Rindge did a phenomenal job. Very well done,” DiMezzo said.

There was no concerted effort to keep DiMezzo from getting the nomination, Huston said, though Huston heard from many people who wanted to write in a different candidate instead of DiMezzo.

“I guess that’s just part of the whole political scene,” Huston said.

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