We Told You So: The George Floyd Incident

Days after the George Floyd Incident, Law Officer was one of the few media outlets that questioned the mainstream media narrative of the event.

Although we were called more names than we can remember and accused of “covering up” for bad cops, that wasn’t the case at all.

We just found it very strange that worldwide outrage which led to worldwide protests and led to multiple deaths and thousands of officers injured were happening based on a partial video filmed by citizens without any context whatsoever being given to the pubic audience.

And what we discovered in the weeks to follow gave us even more concern. From the autopsy showing no asphyxia to the department policy and training approving the “neck technique” to the absolute silence by those “in the know” on the specific details of this case, there was much to be concerned about.

This became a fever pitch concern when, for the first time in our memory, there was not an attempt by the media or the politicians to release the body camera footage.


In fact, the day that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey cried on national television touting the effect of systematic racism based on this single police contact, we asked him about the release of the body camera footage via Twitter.

A request that quickly got us blocked from his account.

Indeed, it was strange, that in a city that was always quick to release camera footage, that the mere question would solicit such an abrupt response.

We wrote about all of it and the attacks on our company and even our server were immense.

That is why we knew we were on to something.

We did not want to believe that politicians colluded with the mainstream media to hide the facts of this case so the whole world would lose their mind and literal movements to abolish law enforcement would take hold in this country.

Minnesota withheld the full #GeorgeFloyd body cam footage for one reason and one reason only: they knew it would immediately dispel the race narrative and they wanted to assist the Democrats in dividing Americans in an election year.

Absolutely appalling.


— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) August 4, 2020

But after the recent release of the body camera footage came to light this week, our fears became a reality.

We say “release” of the footage lightly because it wasn’t released….it was leaked.

The “leak” of the video came with it’s own oddities.

Like the fact that the mainstream media barely sounded a peep about it.


In what has no doubt been the most covered law enforcement event in history did not even get the attention of the media?

In fact, as you could imagine, our editorial team has several mechanisms in place to monitor breaking news. We received one alert that the video had been released.


And that was from the foreign media outlet that broke it, the Daily Mail. That says everything you would ever want to know about the “Fake” American News Media.

Of course there is a reason for all of this and it is one of the largest media scandals of our lifetime.

The video doesn’t line up with the media narrative of a bunch of racist cops that killed a complying George Floyd for simply trying to pass a counterfeit bill that he probably didn’t even know was fake….

Did Minnesota AG Keith Ellison deliberately withhold the #GeorgeFloyd video footage to keep the violent protests going for as long as possible? Please tell me there is some limit to the moral depravity of these Democrats

— Dinesh D’Souza (@DineshDSouza) August 5, 2020

Keep in  mind, the leaked video, which was recorded off of what appears to be a laptop viewing is still heavily edited. In our estimation, several minutes are missing and the sound conveniently goes out as Floyd is discussing the fact that he couldn’t breathe…..well before he was laid on the ground.

But, there are events in the video that should outrage every American that was never given the opportunity to view it as context as the media shoved their own play by play events on our screens for weeks.

Like the fact that these murderous cops were quite professional throughout the encounter. Even offering to roll the window down in the police car as Floyd resisted getting inside because be claimed he was “claustrophobic.”

The fact that Floyd resisted from the beginning of the video until the end.

The fact that there was a passenger in Floyd’s vehicle. Odd, we never heard that before and even more odd, they were compliant and you’ve never heard their name and they are certainly alive today.

The fact that once in the police car, Floyd resisted and asked to be placed on the ground.

On numerous occasions, Floyd told the officers that he had COVID-19 and them knowing that may well have been the reason, Officer Chauvin kept his hands away from him when he was on the ground.

And as we have pointed out before, there remains not one shred of evidence that race was a factor in this incident and the body camera footage makes that crystal clear. This incident certainly appears to revolve around a suspect high on fentanyl and methamphetamine along with a pre-existing heart condition that committed a crime and resisted officers until his death.

Inconvenient fact: There is zero evidence that George Floyd’s arrest and death had anything to do with race.

— Gina Bontempo (@FlorioGina) August 4, 2020

And there are many other aspects to the current video and there will be many others as additional footage comes out.

Such as the fact that paramedics were called to the scene prior to his death.

The fact that Chauvin was concerned about excited delirium and a 2018 training protocol told officers to subdue prisoners on the ground if they saw that dangerous phenomenon.

All facts by the way, that you could not see in this video footage because it was conveniently cut short.

With all that said, the unfortunate death of George Floyd and the ensuing madness appears to be much more of a political and leadership problem than a police problem but you won’t hear that from anyone.

In fact, once the officers are acquitted of murder because facts matter in court, and the 2021 riots begin, the media will once again do to the world what they have been doing all summer.

Decrying the systematic racism of law enforcement and how justice doesn’t work for men like George Floyd.

And at the end of the day, if you listen to the mainstream media ever again, you are the suckers and they are the winners.


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