Woke Politicians Put Officer’s Life in Danger

In the past weeks, we have extensively covered the unbelievable events in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

This is where (white) officials have demanded the firing of a (black) officer, to somehow fix the damage of the city’s racist past. It is where Black Lives Matter protesters celebrated and cheered when this (black) officer was suspended.

Yes, you read that correctly, BLM protesters demanded the firing of (black) Officer Joseph Mensah who has since been suspended from the Wauwatosa Police Department.

When Words Turn Deadly

Unfortunately, what started out as hateful words has now turned into deadly violence. On August 8, 2020, approximately 60 Black Lives Matter protesters swarmed around the home of Officer Mensah’s girlfriend, attacked her, and fired at Mensah with a shotgun—while chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

Failed Political Leadership Is To Blame

Make no mistake, the actions and violence against Officer Mensah are a result of failed political leadership. And the so-called leadership of Wauwatosa Mayor Daniel McBride, Alderperson Heather Kuhl, and other officials has failed to protect the reputation of Officer Mensah. And now they have failed to protect his personal safety, which they hypocritically claimed to be very concerned about. Or should everyone in Wauwatosa, the greater Milwaukee area, and the rest of America ignore how a (black) police officer was confronted and shot at by protesters shouting “Black Lives Matter”?

On behalf of Officer Mensah, his fellow officers, and law enforcement professionals throughout America—and in solidarity with the President of the Wauwatosa Peace Officers’ Association (WPOA), Officer John Milotzky—we have been demanding answers from the political leaders of Wauwatosa. However, they have chosen to remain quiet.

Milotzky sent out press releases in the past two weeks demanding answers from political leaders about Officer Mensah’s case. Except for the Dan O’Donnell Show, the rest of the local media have ignored Milotzky and the press releases.

Milotzky and Law Officer have reached out to city leaders repeatedly. But we have yet to hear from Mayor McBride or Alderperson Kuhl, or other city officials in response. And although Law Officer reached out to Jay-Z’s Team Roc, the Jonas Brothers, and members of other social justice organizations who demanded action against Officer Mensah, they too have remained oddly silent.

Perhaps ironically, they need to be reminded about how “silence causes violence.”

Speaking Out When Leaders Fail to Speak Up

And whenever political leaders choose to remain silent, all of us should speak out.

Clearly, political leaders have failed the community and citizens of Wauwatosa. They have failed the officers who protect the community as well. And the failed political leadership in Wauwatosa has clearly precipitated violence against a police officer—the same (black) officer they so eagerly wanted fired so they could fix the damage of the city’s racist history, and create a more “inclusive” community, as Alderperson Heather Kuhl bizarrely claimed in demanding the firing of Officer Mensah.

Never Mind Clarifications, We’re Demanding Resignations…

We have demanded clarifications.

But now, due to the silence and the violence that failed political leadership has caused, we will be demanding resignations.

Learn more about the case of Officer Mensah here.

Sign the petition to recall Alderperson Heather Kuhl here.

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